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External researchers (non-Te Toka Tumai Auckland)

When a research project is being led by an external researcher and there is not a Te Toka Tumai Auckland co-investigator then the external researcher must enlist a relevant Te Toka Tumai Auckland employee as either a supervisor or clinical partner or contact. This person will ensure that your research is ethically approved (where relevant), that you are aware of all the relevant policies and procedures for the Te Toka Tumai Auckland, and will endeavour to ensure that you adhere to them.

Who can be a research supervisor or clinical partner or Te Toka Tumai Auckland contact?

Any Te Toka Tumai Auckland employee with subject matter expertise in relation to the proposed study and with access to or professional responsibility for the patient population.

It is expected that having agreed to act as supervisor/partner/contact that this person assists the researcher to negotiate sign off/authorisation from the clinical director of the service or nurse leader or equivalent. Evidence of this sign off/authorisation must be sent to the Research Office along with the other study documents for approval.


Non-staff (e.g. students) as part of research team

If you are not a Te Toka Tumai Auckland staff member but are part of the research team and will be accessing hospital facilities or patients, you need to organise with the principal investigator to complete an ID and parking name badge form and a confidentiality form from the RAC site.

Once all the documents have been signed and processed, the HR department will contact the relevant person with instructions on how you can collect or obtain your identity card.