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Research - Auckland DHB supervisors for non-staff

Who can be a research supervisor or clinical partner or Auckland DHB contact?

The selection of a research supervisor or clinical partner or contact is based on the complexity of the study and the discipline involved. In most circumstances it is appropriate that the clinical director of the service or nurse leader or equivalent where the research is to be undertaken is consulted with. After discussing the project with you, they will nominate an appropriate person to act as your research supervisor or clinical partner or Auckland DHB contact.


It is essential that non-Auckland DHB researchers are aware of the relevant Auckland DHB policies and procedures when undertaking research within the Auckland DHB.

The role of a research supervisor or clinical partner is to:

  • Accept total responsibility for the non-Auckland DHB researcher while they undertake the research within the Auckland DHB.
  • Be familiar with the research project and are confident in the appropriateness of the study design and methodology.
  • Provide adequate information to the non-Auckland DHB researcher on the relevant policies and procedures.
  • Assist non-Auckland DHB employees to understand and adhere to the Auckland DHB procedures and policy processes.
  • Provide adequate oversight to ensure that processes are followed.
  • Ensure that appropriate ID badges are obtained and confidentiality agreements are signed before the research has begun.
  • Make sure that ID badges are returned at the completion of the research.

The steps for obtaining an ID badge and completing a confidentiality agreement:

Obtain the appropriate confidentiality and card and parking permit forms to be completed. (copy and paste into your folder drive on your work computer)

    • \\ahsl6\main\GROUPS\INTRANET\HR\Confidentiality Form.doc
    • \\ahsl6\main\GROUPS\INTRANET\HR\ID Card & Parking Permit Form.pdf
  1. Review the screening policy to check for what steps need to be followed for health screening for the researcher. The level of screening depends on the place, level, and extent of patient interaction.
  2. Complete the appropriate forms.
  3. The confidentiality agreement needs to be signed by the principal investigator. The researcher needs to make a copy and send to the Research Office. Please write on the form or attach a note which has the Auckland DHB number, ethics number or the title of the study.
  4. The completed ID form needs to be signed off by the relevant Service Manager. This form is then mailed or faxed to HR. HR will then contact the relevant person about how to obtain their ID card.
  5. At the completion of the research, the non-Auckland DHB research must return the ID card to the contact, supervisor or clinical partner.