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Eligibility & fees

We have a publicly funded healthcare system for New Zealand citizens and permanent residents. The Government requires that all patients prove they are eligible to receive publicly funded healthcare and that we gather proof of eligibility status from each patient we see. In the case of an emergency this will be done as soon as possible after care. If you are not eligible for publicly funded healthcare, you will be charged for your care.

See the Ministry of Health’s s guide to eligibility for publicly funded health services for more information().

Proof of eligibility status

If we ask you for proof of eligibility, please do not be offended. This is standard practice for all patients of any background. Even if you are a New Zealand citizen, we are required to confirm your eligibility. Once eligibility status has been recorded by us, patients will not usually be asked again.

You will be asked to provide copies of either:

  • Your passport (including all pages that have a New Zealand immigration stamp or sticker plus the photo page).
  • Your New Zealand birth certificate (and marriage certificate if your last name has changed).
  • Your New Zealand citizen certificate.

These details will be recorded in our database.