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Te Kauae Raro Māori Nursing and Midwifery Award – 2022

This year’s recipient of the Te Kauae Raro Māori Nursing and Midwifery Award, Grace Brown, has a passion for Māori health and wellbeing that is evident in everything she does.

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Appointed Charge Nurse for Ward 68 in June 2021, Grace was in the role for just two months before Auckland had COVID-19 cases in the community. As a new leader, she took on the challenge of preparing her team to care for patients with COVID-19 with an open mind and positive attitude.

As the number of Māori patients with COVID-19 increased, Grace contacted every patient’s whānau, providing updates on their treatment and recovery. She also ensured whānau who were unable to be there in person were still involved in decision-making.

She proactively seeks support for Māori, whānau and patients and encourages them to utilise all available services. She supports staff in accessing resources and offers suggestions and practical solutions to improve services and resources for Māori health and wellbeing.

Grace role models mana-enhancing nursing practise and supports the ongoing care provision for Māori and their whānau by being involved in their care at every step. Leading by example, she establishes trusting relationships at the start of a patient’s hospital journey and supports the team to provide quality care.

Her caring nature fosters relationship building within the team, which has a positive impact on patient care and experience. Her involvement in a General Medicine group, where she represents a Māori nursing voice for the service. This led to the introduction of several new roles and initiatives to enhance the hospital’s service and strive toward equity for the patients we care for.

Grace truly embodies excellence in practice and weaves the principles of tikanga, which are at the heart of this award, throughout her mahi.

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