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Welcome to our Patient Experience section where you can find information about Auckland DHB's Patient Experience Survey and learn more about how your feedback is impacting our services to you.

Patient Experience Survey

Each week we email inpatients who have been discharged one to two weeks ago to find out about their experience. The survey covers all the core dimensions that most directly impact on patient satisfaction and allows each patient to talk in more depth about the areas most important to them. 

Top three

Both our inpatients and outpatients are asked to choose the three things that matter most to their care and treatment. The following are from our latest patient experience surveys.

Inpatient - Top three Outpatient - Top three

1. Communication 

Communication is the aspect of our care most patients (51%) say makes a difference to the quality of their care and treatment.

“I was kept very well informed of what was happening at each stage of my stay by all members of staff and any questions I had were always promptly replied to.” - From a patient experience that was rated 'Excellent'.

1. Information

Getting good information is the aspect of our care most patients (67%) say makes a difference to the quality of their care and treatment.

“My doctor was really thorough, went through all my previous tests and discussed the results of my recent surgery. Then went through the details of the follow up procedure. She answered all my questions and was really reassuring in her approach.” - From a patient experience.

2. Confidence

Two in every five patients (44%), say that feeling confident about their care and treatment is one of the top three things that matter to the quality of their care and treatment.

Before our son received [medication] … the nurse called another nurse to double check her calculations. It seemed to be standard procedure and I felt reassured to know the dose had been checked twice.” -  From a patient experience that was rated 'Excellent'.

 2. Organisation

For more than half of all our patients (54%), organisation, appointments and correspondence matter to the quality of their care and treatment.

“Quick advice of appointments; great coordination between outpatients and clinical treatment; follow up from support staff.” - From a patient experience.

3. Consistency

Four out of every 10 patients (40%) rate getting consistent and coordinated care while in hospital as one of the things that make the most difference.

“The team I dealt with were very proactive and productive.” - From a patient experience that was rated 'Very good'.

 3. Confidence

Half our patients (52%) rated having confidence in their care and treatment as one of the things that make the most difference.

“The nurse … was very busy looking after several patients yet always appeared in control and showed care and seemed very competent.” - Patient experience.


Patient experience reports

Inpatient - Patient Experience Reports Outpatient - Patient Experience Reports
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