Your experience

We value your feedback

If you have a concern or complaint about the service or care that you or a family member received at Auckland DHB, please let us know straight away. You can either speak to those providing your care, or the charge nurse on the ward or clinic where you are being treated. If you feel uncomfortable talking to these people, or you aren’t satisfied with their response, please contact our Consumer Liaison Team by email on, or phone (09 375 7048) or write to them at: Consumer Liaison Team, Auckland DHB, Private Bag 92024, Auckland.

We always like to hear when members of our team have exceeded your expectations. If you would like to comment on the service you received or compliment a member of staff, please contact the Consumer Liaison Team directly or leave a comment on our Auckland DHB Facebook page (external link)

What to do if you are not happy with our complaints process

If you are not happy with how your complaint was handled, you may wish to contact the Health and Disability Commissioner on: 0800 112 233 or complete their online form (external link)

What our patients are saying

Each week we email inpatients who have been discharged within the past one to two weeks to find out about their experience We analyze this feedback to to better understand what most directly impacts our patients' satisfaction so that we can make improvments in those areas. The below reports highlight the key things our patients are telling us wirh regard to the care we provide.

Patient experience reports

Inpatient - Patient Experience Reports Outpatient - Patient Experience Reports
October 2017 - Respect Manaaki [PDF, 725 KB] October 2017 - Respect Manaaki [PDF, 684 KB]
May 2017 - Welcome Haere Mai [PDF, 910 KB] May 2017 - Welcome Haere Mai [PDF, 951 KB]
March 2017 [PDF, 1.5 MB]  March 2017 [PDF, 1.5 MB]
December 2016 - Support from whānau, family, friends [PDF, 592 KB] December 2016 - Support from whānau, family, friends [PDF, 526 KB]
September 2016 - Dignity [PDF, 544 KB] September 2016 - Dignity [PDF, 396 KB]
August 2016 - Coordination of Care [PDF, 982 KB] August 2016 - Coordination of Care [PDF, 1002 KB]
July 2016 - Information [PDF, 831 KB] July 2016 - Involvement in Decisions [PDF, 776 KB]
June 2016 - Communication [PDF, 703 KB] June 2016 - Communication [PDF, 765 KB]