DCCM is staffed by a team of highly experienced and professional doctors and nurses who are supported by other healthcare professionals including physiotherapists, dietitians, pharmacists, radiographers and biomedical technicians.

Medical care is provided by specialist doctors trained to look after very ill patients (intensivists), and supported by doctors training to be specialists in intensive care, anaesthesia, emergency medicine, internal medicine and surgery.

Many nurses are specialised through post-graduate training and qualifications in intensive care. Patients requiring intensive care treatment have individual nurses caring for them. High dependency patients are cared for by nurses who are also looking after other patients.

Our people

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    Gillian Bishop

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    • Kerry Benson-Cooper - Deputy director, Supervisor of training, orthopaedic/vascular and upper GI surgery link

    • Gillian Bishop - Director, Co-Chair of senior staff meeting, CVICU/respiratory link, chair deteriorating patient group

    • Dave Harvey - Airway lead, deputy supervisor of training, social committee, anaesthesia/palliative care link

    • Kirk Freeman - Equipment lead, IT lead, donation link doctor, website, renal link

    • Craig Hourigan - Chair of quality & safety committee, CICM NZ national committee, deputy roster lead, emergency department link

    • Kylie Julian - Second part CICM examiner, regional mentoring coordinator, patient/bereavement follow-up, general medicine link
    • Stephen Lo - Education lead, deputy IT lead, echocardiography, cardiology link

    • Colin McArthur - Research lead

    • Stuart Millar - Deputy mortality and morbidity lead, hepatology, obstetrics and gynaecology link

    • Chris Poynter - Deputy supervisor of training, welfare lead, sustainability lead, neurology and neurosurgical link
    • Tony Smith - Trauma and helicopter emergency medical service (HEMS) lead, epidemic/disaster planning, trauma / general surgical link

    • Jonathan Taylor - TBC
    • Andrew van der Poll - Mortality & morbidity lead, deputy education lead, first part CICM examiner, donation link doctor, haematology/oncology & ORL link



    • Laura Tincknell

    • Simon Versteeg



    • 10 registrars on 6 or 12 monthly rotations

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    Nurse unit manager

    • Janine Rouse – Co-Chair of the senior staff meeting & staff recruitment/development


    Clinical nurse consultant

    • Dayle Pearman


    Clinical charge nurses

    • Cerian Eddy - TBC

    • Helen Greenway – Long term patient care, PrisMax teaching & auditor

    • Paul Guirey – Ventilation teaching and KPIs

    • Karen Hekelaar - Health and safety, staff vaccinator

    • Andrew Lau - TrendCare & IRR testing lead

    • Carrie Nelson – Staff roster, simulation & multiple admission plan

    • Cindy Thompson – Bereavement team co-ordinator


    Nurse educators

    • Deedee Chinyama

    • Erika Lackey-Ruwald


    Clinical coaches

    • Scott Lin

    • Michelle Managh

    • Christine Morrison


    Research nurses

    • Yan Chen

    • Caroline O'Connor
    • Rachael McConnochie

    • Catherine Simmonds


    Donation link nurses

    • Caroline O'Connor

    • Gaby Wicks


    Equipment & product coordinators

    • Sharon Hwang

    • Rachel Lovatt


    Staff nurses

    • 89 full time equivalent staff nurses

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    • Leah Chen

    • Anna Hill (secondment)


    • Kane White



    • Varsha Asrani

    Clinical Engineering

    • Peter Hodges

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    Health Care Assistants

    • Rajeshni Dutt

    • Ala Daunakamakama



    • Sau Leilua

    • Jaspreet Singh

    • H Chunn Tea


    Ward Clerks

    • Zohal Anwaryar

    • Kamya Bajaj

    • Julie Philps


    Team support members

    • Vacant