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There is currently COVID-19 in our community which means some changes to our hospitals and clinics. Find out moreAs always, we're here if you need us.

Official Information Act Requests

If you are seeking information from Auckland District Health Board, you may be able to ask for it under the Official Information Act 1982 (OIA).

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic response, Auckland DHB is experiencing significantly higher volumes of requests for information. Many key Auckland DHB and Auckland Regional Public Health Service staff are currently committed to tasks associated with the current COVID-19 outbreak. This will invariably impact our ability to respond to certain OIA requests within normal timeframes. 

If you have any questions about the management of OIA during the COVID-9 pandemic, the Office of the Ombudsman has released these FAQs().

Information held by the Auckland DHB

Before making an OIA request it may be useful to view information on this website, where we publish useful information online on a regular basis.

The following documents may provide you with what you need:

The Ministry of Health publish a considerable amount of information on their website, so you may want to check the information you are after is not already publicly available there before making a request.

As appropriate, we proactively publish responses to Official Information Act (OIA) requests on this page after sending the response to each requestor.

You may also find what you require from looking at previous Official Information Request replies below.

Making an OIA request for information held by the Auckland DHB

If you cannot find what you require and wish to make a request for information held by the Auckland District Health Board please send an email to

We will make and communicate a decision on your request as soon as reasonably practicable and no later than 20 working days after it was received (unless an extension is agreed).

We may extend the maximum time limit for transferring a request or making a decision and communicating it to you, if your request is for a large quantity of information or consultation is needed to make a decision on your request. Any extension must be for a reasonable period of time in the circumstances.

If you decide to amend or clarify your request, the amended or clarified version will be considered to be a new request and the 20 working days will start from the day after this new request is received.

In order to assist us, and ensure you receive the correct information, please be as specific as you can in identifying the information you want. The information you request must be specified with 'due particularity' - meaning that we must be able to identify the information you have asked for. Any request that lacks due particularity will not be valid. If this is the case, we may contact you to clarify your request.

If you do not receive a response to your request for official information within the statutory time limit, or you are unhappy with the response you receive, you can complain to the Ombudsman(). The Ombudsman’s role is to “investigate and review” the agency’s decision (or lack of decision) on your request. 

More information about the Official Information Act and OIA requests

For more information please see:

Auckland DHB OIA request statistics

Statistics providing a high-level summary of the volume of OIA requests we receive, the availability of information and how we are performing against statutory timeframes can be viewed here [PDF, 320 KB].

Auckland District Health Board responses to OIA requests 2021




Paediatric capacity – August 2021

Ward Capacity – August 2021

Children's health

Early childhood sleep rooms – March 2021

Children and adults with malnutrition – March 2021

Children's health: Whooping cough, dental disease, malnutrition – April 2021

Children in care admitted to hospital – August 2021

Children admitted for medical events – September 2021

Closed system devices

Correspondence re closed system devices – February 2021

Code Alerts

Auckland DHB code alerts – April 2021

Communication aids

Use of digital dictation and communication aids – April 2021


Contraception Funding – August 2021 


DHB challenges to coronial findings – May 2021

Teenage fatality – September 2021


COVID-19 cases on 14 Feb 2021 entered into Episurv – February 2021

COVID-19 tests taken in Northern Region – February 2021

Name of laboratory who provided tests for the Pullman Hotel cases – February 2021

Performance evaluation of ARPHS response to COVID-19 at Vincent Residences – February 2021

Communication between MoH COVID-19 cases – March 2021

COVID-19 laboratory testing on 14 Feb 2021 – March 2021

COVID-19 media briefing – March 2021

First community Americold case lab test – March 2021

Protocol used for testing Papatoetoe family with COVID-19 – March 2021

Time ARPHS became aware of community COVID-19 case on 14 Feb 2021 – March 2021

Correspondence on COVID-19 case in Papatoetoe – April 2021

Correspondence re COVID-19 contact with Papatoetoe High School families – April 2021

COVID-19 case of 24 year old border worker – April 2021

COVID-19 positive case from Australia – April 2021

Record from Ministry of Health re COVID-19 tracers – April 2021

LabPlus platform for COVID-19 testing – April 2021

COVID-19 Planning documents - April 2021

LabPlus input of COVID-19 cases in Eclair CDR – April 2021

COVID-19 cases admitted for treatment - July 2021

COVID-19 PPE Waste – August 2021

COVID-19 preparedness document – September 2021 + supporting information

  1. Auckland DHB COVID-19 Outbreak plan
  2. ADHB escalation tool scenario test 1 updated 
  3. ADHB escalation tool scenario test 2 
  4. National Hospital Response Framework 
  5. Scenario 2 escalation tool notes 
  6. Section from Senior leadership meeting notes
  7. COVID-19 Preparedness ADHB Escalation Tool Meeting Notes

8. COVID-19 primary care response framework at a glance

COVID-19 PPE Protocol Incident – September 2021 + supporting information

  1. Attachments

COVID-19 Patient Protocol – September 2021 + supporting information

  1. COVID-19 clinical management inpatients
  2. Managing COVID-19 in adults
  3. Guidance for use of non-invasive ventilation (NIV) in the Adult Emergency Department
  4. COVID-19 Risk Screen Assessment Tool Patient Sheet
  5. Process for confirming COVID-19 status following swab
  6. COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus) Bed Placement

COVID-19 vaccination programme

COVID-19 vaccine roll-outs – April 2021

Staffing of COVID-19 vaccination programme – April 2021

Board members receiving COVID-19 vaccination – May 2021

Communication on COVID-19 vaccination rollout – May 2021

COVID-19 vaccination plans – May 2021

COVID-19 vaccination programme – June 2021

COVID-19 Vaccination storage – August 2021

COVID-19 Vaccine storage and transportation – August 2021

Cyber security

Cyber Security – June 2021

Cystic fibrosis

Cystic Fibrosis Costs – March 2021


Official Information Act

Charging policy for OIAs – April 2021


Oncology beds – April 2021

Oral health

Oral Health reports – January 2021

Joint surgery / Orthopaedic surgery

Joint surgery waiting times – May 2021

United Nations Optional Protocol to the Convention against Torture

OPCAT Inspection – August 2021

Auckland District Health Board responses to OIA requests 2020



Cardiac demand - February 2020

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (​CPR)

CPR statistics in hospital - August 2020

Cerebral palsy

Cerebral palsy and pain management - September 2020

Chemist Warehouse

Arrival of Chemist Warehouse - November 2020

Clinical services

Application to MoH for patient clinical services - October 2020

Cognitive tests

Policy on cognitive tests - November 2020


Consent of Patients - January 2020

Community support services

Home and Community Support Services - May 2020


Complaints made to the DHB - August 2020

Complaints of surgical equipment left in patients - November 2020

Formal complaints to HDC - November 2020


COVID-19 Ruby Princess - April 2020

COVID-19 ventilator inventory and expected demand - April 2020

Births during COVID-19 - May 2020

Capacity to deal with COVID-19 - May 2020

Hospitalisation of Maori during COVID-19 - May 2020

Lab testing of COVID-19 swabs - May 2020

Mental health during COVID-19 - May 2020

Patients rights under COVID-19 - May 2020

Staff working between COVID 19 areas and Non COVID 19 - June 2020

DHB staff sent to aged care facilities through COVID 19 - June 2020

Hospitalisation costs during COVID 19 - June 2020

Post COVID 19 DHB Strategy - June 2020

People working in COVID 19 Tracing - June 2020

Chemotherapy and HSCT during COVID 19 - July 2020

Correspondence between ARPHS and MoH re contact tracing - July 2020

COVID-19 pandemic preparations - July 2020

Waste water testing for COVID-19 - August 2020

Perinatal depression post COVID-19 lockdown - August 2020

Wait times for colonoscopies - September 2020

Waste water testing for COVID-19 - September 2020

Community COVID 19 testing centres including Otara - October 2020

Correspondence regarding COVID 19 - October 2020

Sick staff due to COVID 19 and hospital occupancy rate - October 2020

Costs of COVID 19 testing and hospitalisation - November 2020

Contact tracing capacity - November 2020

COVID-19 testing follow-up - November 2020

LGOIMA Contract Tracing - November 2020

Otahuhu Health Centre COVID-19 test kits - November 2020

Westpac Worker with COVID-19 - November 2020

Staff shortages Jet Park - November 2020

Returnees with health and wellbeing issues - November 2020

Communication re moving into quarantine – December 2020

Communications re lab specimens 10 to 12 August 2020 – December 2020

Cost of private security for managed isolation – December 2020

COVID-19 case of 18 Oct moved to quarantine – December 2020

COVID-19 Marine engineer cluster communications – December 2020

Laboratory COVID-19 test processing – December 2020

Staff in managed isolation impropriety with guests – December 2020


CPAMS Contracts - June 2020

Crohn's and colitis

Surgery for Crohn's and colitis related illnesses - August 2020 




Auckland District Health Board responses to OIA requests 2019


Mental Health patients treated under influence of methamphetamine and synthetic cannabis - January 2019

Mental Health Auditing - January 2019

Policy and services for disabled Maori - February 2019

Reportable events for mental health - April 2019

Transfer cases to Auckland DHB from mosque terror attack - May 2019

Funds given to Maori health providers 2012-2018 - June 2019

Use of medical leeches by Auckland DHB - June 2019

Maternity ward staffing - June 2019

Mental health doctor vacancies – July 2019

Hospital menus – July 2019

Hospital staff who have contracted measles – July 2019

Meal Services – July 2019

Measles - vaccinated and non-vaccinated – July 2019

Mental health services for youth – July 2019

Ethnicity and age for cases of measles in Auckland region - August 2019

Midwifery workforce - August 2019

Medical Imaging Technologists Data - August 2019

MRI staffing levels - August 2019

Complaints on mental health services - September 2019

Measles at Helensville Primary School - September 2019

Foetal deaths from measles - October 2019

Foetal deaths from measles 2 - October 2019

Measles and vaccination data - October 2019

Measles conversation between ARPHS staff about anti vaxxers - October 2019

Measles Titre Testing - October 2019

Number of mastectomies and lumpectomies - October 2019

Hospitalisation rates of measles cases - November 2019

Measles and vaccination data - November 2019 

Medical records status MMR vaccination - November 2019

Notification to CEO of measles outbreak - November 2019

Number of admissions for measles - November 2019


Auckland District Health Board responses to OIA requests 2018