Zoe was nominated by a colleage, who had the following to say:

Zoe has been a CMA for as long as I can remember. Every shift, she works tirelessly to support the midwives, nurses, and doctors on level 9, and Tamaki. She is constantly available for advice, assistance, and support. No task is insurmountable for her, with her responding calmly and professionally to everything. From doing an ECG, to a tricky CTG, to managing a massive post-partum haemorrhage or patient who is coding, Zoe can do it all and I know that the patients are in safe hands. I have never known her to take a break; instead she will ensure that all the other staff have had an opportunity for a break, and just keep working, whilst boosting the morale of all. As a junior house officer she was so supportive, and as a senior house officer, I know people like her are rare and precious gems to a department. Her selflessness, professionalism, competence, and skill have made her an invaluable member of level 9. Everyone I talk to agrees.

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