Auckland DHB was established under the New Zealand Public Health and Disability Act 2000 to:

  • Improve, promote, and protect the health of communities.
  • Integrate health services, especially primary and secondary care services.
  • Promote effective care or support of those in need of health services or disability support.

We are working to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of services, with primary care and our neighbouring DHBs in the northern region to ensure patients have the health services they need.

Auckland DHB has three major facilities: Auckland City Hospital, Starship Children's Hospital and Greenlane Clinical Centre. Auckland City Hospital is New Zealand’s largest public hospital as well as the largest clinical research facility. There are approximately one million patient contacts each year, including hospital and outpatient services.

We have approximately 11,000 health and medical staff employed which equates to nearly 9,200 full-time equivalent positions and we manage a budget of approximately $2.1 billion. Auckland DHB is the largest trainer of doctors in New Zealand, with approximately 1,800 medical staff.

Te Toka Tumai is the Māori name for Auckland DHB.  It refers to the rock that stands firm in the sea of the Waitemata harbour of Tamaki Makaurau (Auckland). The rock reminds us that the health system needs to be a solid whole, where all the activities across the continuum of health are joined. Te Toka Tumai is our proud and stable foundation when the going is tough.  Lives depend on it.

Our vision

Healthy communities – World-class healthcare – Achieved together

Kia kotahi te oranga mo te iti me te rahi o te hāpori.

Our purpose

To improve the health of the Auckland DHB population and all New Zealanders who access our services, through high quality health and disability services.

Our strategic priorities

  • People, patients and whānau at the centre.
  • Values and equity underpin everything we do.
  • Guarantee quality and safety.
  • Get the best outcomes from our resources.
  • Hold people, systems and structures to account.

Our key result areas

Patient safety – Patient safety is our number one priority and everyone's responsibility. Our aim is to eliminate avoidable harm to ensure that all our patient experience the safest possible care.

Better quality and experience of care – Every contact with our patients will be as good as it can be. Our aim is to provide effective, accessible and patient-centred care that delivers excellent integrated clinical care and experience.

Improved health status – Our community living healthier lives. In partnership, we will help people self-manage their care and provide better health prevention advice and support.

Economic sustainability – Finding innovative ways to deliver healthcare more efficiently, so we can continue to provide high quality care to our patients and community into the future.

Healthy and engaged workforce – Staff are listened to, have the skills and knowledge to do their jobs and are supported to be well and healthy.

Our healthy food and drinks guidelines

At Auckland DHB we have been on a journey to provide healthier food and drink options in our vending machines and retail outlets for some years. This journey is part of our commitment to be health role models and to help reduce the harm sugary drinks cause and their contribution towards tooth decay, diabetes and obesity.

To find out more about the National Healthy Food and Drink Policy, visit the Ministry of Health website(external link).

We would like to thank our retailers for continuing to work with us to make healthy choices the easy choice.

You can read our frequently asked questions for more information. [PDF, 77 KB]