Shining stars of nursing and midwifery celebrated by Auckland DHB

Last night Auckland DHB held its annual A+ Trust Nursing and Midwifery Awards at the Hilton in Auckland, to acknowledge the organisation’s amazing nurses and midwives.

Awards were presented to nurses and midwives for outstanding work in clinical practice, leadership and education.

This year a number of new awards were introduced to recognise the diversity of the DHB’s nursing and midwifery workforce.

These included the Rising Star Award which went to Emily Lonsdale-Cooper, who has been outstanding in practice since she joined the organisation in 2017.

Two other new awards were the Te Kauae Raro Māori Nursing and Midwifery Award and the Pacific Nursing and Midwifery Award.

The inaugural winners of these awards were Dawson Ward and Unaisi Wainivetau, who received them for improving outcomes and reducing inequities within Auckland DHB’s Māori and Pacific communities.

Chief Nursing Officer Margaret Dotchin said: “I am incredibly proud of what all our nurses and midwives at Auckland DHB achieve every day. These awards are an opportunity to recognise and celebrate the awesome work our nurses and midwives do in caring for patients, their families and our community.

“We had a fabulous response this year, with more than 200 of our amazing nurses and midwives nominated for the awards, making our job as judges really difficult.

“Congratulations to all winners and finalists, and thank you to every nurse and midwife for what you achieve every day.”

Chief Executive Ailsa Claire said: “I am incredibly proud of our amazing nursing and midwifery teams here at Auckland DHB. It was inspiring to hear about nurses who have stepped up to the plate, taking on new roles, leading teams, being an advocate and delivering excellent care for our patients and their families.

“Nurses and midwives are achieving these amazing things at a time when more and more is being asked of them and other health professions, as the population continues to grow in Auckland, and the acuity of our patients increases. I thank them from the bottom my heart.”

Auckland DHB thanks the A+ Trust, which generously supports the A+ Trust Nursing and Midwifery Awards. 

The A+ Trust Nursing and Midwifery Award winners and finalists for 2018 are:

Adult Medical Nursing Award

Winner: Anne-Marie Pickering

Finalists: Emma Hill, Rebeka Fastnedge

Cancer and Blood Nursing Award  

Winner: Rosie Howard

Finalists: Metty Mathew, Raewyn Pukas

Cardiovascular Nursing Award

Winner: Helen Richardson

Finalists: Cathy Gasparini, Kathy Hurley

Child Health Nursing Award

Winner: Jane Ronaldson

Finalists: Barishna Zareh, Kathy Yallop

Community and Long Term Conditions Nursing Award

Winner: Raewyn Osbaldiston

Finalists: Terri-Anne Davis, Valerie Cheetham

Mental Health and Addictions Nursing Award

Winner: Brian Sykes

Finalists: Holly Rogers, Ruby Ramos-Dyer

Perioperative Nursing and Midwifery Award

Winner: Francesca Storr

Finalists: Lawrence Carlo Espanol, Sue Cole

Surgical Nursing Award

Winner: Sacha Cowell

Finalists: Elaine Yi, Sowmia Thomas

Women's Health Nursing and Midwifery Award

Winner: Urmila Singh

Finalists: Shenaaz Desai

Aged Residential Care Nursing Award

Winner: Carmen Stadler-Hanekom

Finalists: Myungsook Kang

Primary Health Care Nursing Award

Winner: Sue Matthews

Finalists: Amanda Entwistle, Wendy Qiu

Rotary Trophy of Tradition

Winner: Helen McGrinder

Finalists: Michael Geraghty, Sandy Yam

Judith Philipson Excellence in bedside delivery

Winner: Kelly D’Emmerez de Charmoy

Finalists: Jenny Liew-Siddells

Rotary Ann Craig Memorial Award

Winner: Lois Lingard

Finalists: Jane Ronaldson

Rotary Alastair Macfarlane Memorial Award

Winner: Robin Moss

Finalists: Racheal Magan

Rising Star Award

Winner: Emily (Milly) Lonsdale-Cooper

Finalists: Rebecca Busing, Yu Wan Chang

Pat Butcher Lifelong Learning Award(external link)

Winner: Carol Slight

Finalists: Francesca Storr, Margaret Colligan

Leadership Award

Winner: Angela Minto

Finalists: Tracie La, Vito Sestito

Te Kauae Raro Māori Nursing and Midwifery Award

Winner: Dawson Ward

Finalists: Kiri Mokomoko

Pacific Nursing and Midwifery Award

Winner: Unaisi Wainivetau

Finalists: Delvene Steven, Meleseini Kaufusi

Values Award

Winner: Maryanne Offner

Finalists: Claire Koshy, Sophie Atkinson

Nursing and Midwifery Excellence Award

Winner: Cathy Gasparini

Finalists: Rebekah Watson, Samantha Cotton

Our Patient’s Local Hero Award

Winner: Demelza Stevens

Finalists: Janice Capstick, Virginia (Ginny) Pringle

Chief Nursing Officer Award

Winner: Terri-Anne Davis

Finalists: Sacha Cowell, Unaisi Wainivetau

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