Excellence awards a real highlight for board chair

Thirty eight applications to the Auckland District Health Board Health Excellence Awards have been noted as one of the highlights of 2015.

Auckland DHB chair Dr Lester Levy says the awards celebrate some of the fantastic initiatives being carried out by DHB people and some of the DHB’s partner organisations.

“I was impressed by the number of projects and the many dedicated and talented people inside and outside our organisation who are committed to improving the way in which we support and provide care for our patients, their whānau and our communities. All entries were such a high calibre it made for a difficult job for our judges,” Dr Levy says.

One of the heartening things about the awards, he says, is how the entries so closely reflected the board’s strategic mandatories, of which there are seven. These high-level strategic goals focus DHB work and give a strategic lens through which to determine priorities.

Four of the strategic mandatories are about putting patients at the centre of what the hospital does. They are patient safety, equity of access, cultural awareness and sensitivity & risk minimisation. The final three concern what is wanted for staff and the DHB. These are integrity, workplace safety and meeting obligations.

“Each is a touchstone and together they build a strong value-based foundation for the care and treatment we deliver and how we deliver it,” Dr Levy says. “They will guide our plans to provide a clear framework so teams and individuals can see how their work matches our journey towards having our patients at the centre of all we do.

The Health Excellence Awards recognise innovation and improvement.

“Without smart people coming up with better ways to do things, we would have a much harder time coping,” Dr Levy says.

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