Conversations That Count Day – Get them talking!

New Zealanders are being encouraged to get their loved ones talking about their future and end of life care.

Conversations that Count Day on 16 April aims to raise awareness about advance care planning (ACP) – an initiative thathelps us think about and share what is important, plan what treatments we do and do not want, and clarify how we want to be cared for as we approach the end of our lives.

It is led by the ACP cooperative of various organisations and hundreds of people across New Zealand’s health and social care system.

Talking about what matters to you - what is really important - is not something many of us do, explains ACP cooperative’s clinical lead, Dr Barry Snow.

“It is this insight that should be used to inform your treatment and care choices, particularly as you approach the end of your life.

“We all potentially have lots of time to think, talk and plan, yet for many families this conversation does not happen, or if it does, then only when someone is very unwell and unable to make a decision. We think we have lots of time until we don’t, so it’s really important that we start those conversations today.”

This year’s theme is ‘Get them talking’ with a number of morning tea events taking place across the country.

“Talking and sharing your thoughts and ideas with your family and whānau will help you and them to get the care in the way you want it,” adds Dr Snow.

To find out more or download resources to help you to ‘Get them talking,’ visit the Advance Care Planning website: link)


For further information contact the Auckland DHB medialine on 09 375 3499.

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