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2019-2020 Adverse Events Report

The Adverse Events Report outlines Auckland DHB’s serious adverse events for the 2019-20 year.

These are events that are unintended, unexpected or unplanned and result in harm to consumers.

Mark Edwards, Chief Quality, Safety & Risk Officer, Auckland DHB says:

“Patient safety and quality of care is our top priority. Due to the complex nature of healthcare, there is always a risk of things not going to plan or complications occurring, which can result in adverse events. We have over 1 million patient contacts per year and most of these patients are treated safely and with a high standard of care. When adverse events do occur, we understand how very hard it can be for patients and families. Our clinical teams very much recognise the distress that patients and families feel whenever unintended harm occurs to patients when they are under our care.

“As an organisation, reporting of adverse events is encouraged so we can learn from each event and put in place systems to reduce the chances of them happening again. We take adverse events very seriously and each event is carefully assessed by a review. The review process aims to place the patient and/or whānau members at the centre to help them and us understand what happened, and to ensure that as an organisation we have the systems and processes in place to ensure things go right as much as possible.”

This year there has been an increase in reported numbers of events from Auckland DHB’s Women’s Health service following the introduction of the maternity Severity Assessment Code examples by the Health Quality and Safety Commission in 2019. Some of these events are complications where no system or process issues have been identified following a review of the case.

You can download our Adverse Events Report [PDF, 434 KB] and also find it on our planning documents page.

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