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Pilot Recycling Programme - Infusion Pumps

As a large health organisation, we want to recycle as much waste as possible, but recycling electronic waste can often be quite difficult. When devices contain clinical and network configuration software, we need to be mindful of cyber security and other data privacy issues. We need to ensure that these devices are disposed of appropriately.

Sometimes we can donate assets we no longer need to another healthcare provider. But we can’t do that with hardware that is no longer supported.

This year we’ve been involved in Aotearoa’s first pilot recycling programme to recycle infusion pumps as an innovative way to help reduce our carbon footprint.

Infusion pumps are medical devices that help deliver fluids, medications and nutrition to patients. They are used in a wide variety of clinical settings across our sites.

We’ve recently implemented a new fleet of these devices, so we looked at recycling options for the old ones. We worked with infusion pump supplier BD and recycling company Abilities Group to find ways to reuse and recycle as many of the old devices as possible.

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