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Making light work at Auckland City Hospital 

James Shaw, Minister for Climate Change has announced the allocation of $2.031 million of the Government’s State Sector Decarbonisation Fund to switch to LED lighting in the main building of Auckland City Hospital. 

Whilst changing out some light bulbs might not sound like much, the potential savings are. Not only will the move to LEDs play a part in reducing our power bills, but it’s estimated that we will see a carbon emissions reduction of 4,813 tonnes over the next ten years. That’s the same as taking almost 100 cars off the road each year, for the next decade.

Thanks to our amazing Facilities team and everyone involved in making the switch! 

The Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) is supporting state sector organisations to switch to clean energy as part of the Government’s plan for a carbon-neutral public sector by 2025. 

“Whether it’s a local school, a university, or a hospital, most New Zealanders want to be able to access the public services they need in warm, energy-efficient buildings powered by clean energy,” says Mr Shaw. 

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