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Papatoetoe rest home kicks off Auckland’s COVID-19 vaccination outreach to aged care facilities

A team of vaccinators from the Northern Region Health Coordination Centre (NRHCC) vaccinated 38 residents and staff at Kenderdine Park Rest Home on day one of the region’s Aged Residential Care outreach programme.    

A smiling woman talking with a nurse

Moalele Tualagi

Kenderdine Park was chosen as a starting point for the programme as it sits in the heart of South Auckland - a community highlighted as a priority within the national vaccination programme. 

A man getting his vaccine in his right arm.

Clement Jury with his grandfather’s portrait

Owner Jennie Herring said they felt honoured to be the first centre receiving vaccinations.

“We pride ourselves on creating a healthy, safe and happy environment for our residents so to have them protected from COVID-19 Is a huge step in ensuring they continue to stay safe and well.”

As well as starting vaccinations in aged care facilities this week, the NRHCC is also finalising agreements with several GP practices and urgent care providers across the region so that they too can deliver vaccines to support the roll-out.  

An older woman rolling up her sleeve to get a vaccine.

Josephine Quedley

A number of new large vaccinations centres and small local centres will also be opening in the next few weeks across the Auckland region.

Details and locations will be announced soon.

A man wearing a red turban getting his vaccine in his right arm.

Baljit Sidhu

For more information on the vaccine roll-out, visit Unite Against COVID-19().



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