Nominations for our 2019 Nursing and Midwifery Awards are now closed. 

The Nursing and Midwifery Awards recognise the skills and qualities required by nurses and midwives, and celebrate the amazing job they do every day.

Anyone working in health care can nominate a deserving nurse or midwife. 

To find out more about the awards or view winners from previous years, click on the below sections:

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Categories and criteria

Please make sure you read the criteria carefully and in the nomination form demonstrate how the nurse or midwife you are nominating meets each of the criteria.

All completed nomination forms should be emailed to

Aged Residential Care Nursing Award

This will be awarded to a nurse who works in the aged residential care sector


  • Acknowledged by peers, residents  and whānau as an excellent nurse within their level and role.
  • Involved in new initiatives and quality improvement activities to achieve best practice and improve the resident experience.
  • Works in partnership with the resident and their whānau to support them to maintain their quality of life.
  • Raises the profile and voice of aged residential care nursing.

Download the nomination form here [DOCX, 107 KB].

Primary Health Care Nursing Award

This award is for an exemplary nurse working in primary care.


  • Acknowledged by peers, the primary care team and patients as an excellent nurse
  • Takes the lead in new initiatives and quality improvement activities to achieve equitable outcomes and best practice 
  • Works in partnership with the patient and their whānau to form working relationships with all disciplines to get the support they need to improve their health and independence
  • Works with other providers to improve integration across the whole patient journey
  • Raises the profile and voice of primary health care nursing

Download the nomination form here [DOCX, 105 KB].

Te Kauae Raro Māori Nursing and Midwifery Award

The Te Kauae Raro award recognises Maori Nurses and Midwives who have made a significant contribution to Maori Health in the Auckland DHB hospitals or in the community.


  • Angamua- demonstrates leadership skills or actions which positively influence health and wellbeing outcomes for Māori.
  • Haere Mai- demonstrates the ability to connect with others and establish effective working relationships with colleagues and caring relationships with whānau, hapu, iwi, urban Māori.
  • Manaaki- is a role model to others by being respectful and caring.  Has the ability to empower and care for others through education, mentorship and engagement or research the influences of positive health and wellbeing of Māori.
  • Tūhono- demonstrates the ability to encourage and achieve unity and establish collaborative working relationships to improve health and wellbeing outcomes of Maori.

Download the nomination form here. [DOCX, 108 KB]

Pacific Nursing and Midwifery Award

This award acknowledges and recognises significant contributions of an indigenous Pacific nurse or midwife to Pacific health and Pacific nursing. The award is open to any nurse or midwife working in a clinical, leadership, teaching or academic role; in the hospital, the community or primary health services.


  • Demonstrates engagement with Pacific communities and actions that influence positive Pacific health outcomes.
  • Demonstrates and embrace the Auckland DHB and Pacific values and how this impacts on their care and service provision.
  • Role models good leadership qualities and this can include mentorship, clinical supervision, and support of other Pacific nurses.
  • Demonstrates collaborative working relations with the wider health and social sector to improve the health and wellbeing of Pacific people and communities.
  • Promotes and supports the interests of the wider Pacific nursing community.

Download the nomination form here [DOCX, 95 KB]

Entry rules

The following entry rules are applicable:

  1. The awards are open to all nurses and midwives working within the Auckland DHB catchment area.
  2. Applications can be submitted by individuals or teams but only individuals may receive an award.
  3. An individual may be nominated for more than one award if they meet the criteria. A separate application should be submitted for each award.
  4. Please complete all sections in the nomination form and provide specific examples for each criteria area. 
  5. Nominations must comply with entry guidelines and time deadlines.
  6. Information provided in any nomination will be held by Auckland DHB for the purpose of assessing the applications and promoting the awards.
  7. In submitting a nomination, you consent to the publication of some or all of the information contained within their nomination.

Finalists will be notified in April and invited to the Nursing and Midwifery Awards evening in May where the winners will be revealed. The Nursing and Midwifery Awards evening is made possible through the generous support of the Auckland Health Foundation.

Nursing and Midwifery Award winners and finalists for 2018

Adult Medical Nursing Award

Winner: Anne-Marie Pickering

Finalists: Emma Hill, Rebeka Fastnedge

Cancer and Blood Nursing Award  

Winner: Rosie Howard

Finalists: Metty Mathew, Raewyn Pukas

Cardiovascular Nursing Award

Winner: Helen Richardson

Finalists: Cathy Gasparini, Kathy Hurley

Child Health Nursing Award

Winner: Jane Ronaldson

Finalists: Barishna Zareh, Kathy Yallop

Community and Long Term Conditions Nursing Award

Winner: Raewyn Osbaldiston

Finalists: Terri-Anne Davis, Valerie Cheetham

Mental Health and Addictions Nursing Award

Winner: Brian Sykes

Finalists: Holly Rogers, Ruby Ramos-Dyer

Perioperative Nursing and Midwifery Award

Winner: Francesca Storr

Finalists: Lawrence Carlo Espanol, Sue Cole

Surgical Nursing Award

Winner: Sacha Cowell

Finalists: Elaine Yi, Sowmia Thomas

Women's Health Nursing and Midwifery Award

Winner: Urmila Singh

Finalists: Shenaaz Desai

Aged Residential Care Nursing Award

Winner: Carmen Stadler-Hanekom

Finalists: Myungsook Kang

Primary Health Care Nursing Award

Winner: Sue Matthews

Finalists: Amanda Entwistle, Wendy Qiu

Rotary Trophy of Tradition

Winner: Helen McGrinder

Finalists: Michael Geraghty, Sandy Yam

Judith Philipson Excellence in bedside delivery

Winner: Kelly D’Emmerez de Charmoy

Finalists: Jenny Liew-Siddells

Rotary Ann Craig Memorial Award

Winner: Lois Lingard

Finalists: Jane Ronaldson

Rotary Alastair Macfarlane Memorial Award

Winner: Robin Moss

Finalists: Racheal Magan

Rising Star Award

Winner: Emily (Milly) Lonsdale-Cooper

Finalists: Rebecca Busing, Yu Wan Chang

Pat Butcher Lifelong Learning Award
(external link)

Winner: Carol Slight

Finalists: Francesca Storr, Margaret Colligan

Leadership Award

Winner: Angela Minto

Finalists: Tracie La, Vito Sestito

Te Kauae Raro Māori Nursing and Midwifery Award

Winner: Dawson Ward

Finalists: Kiri Mokomoko

Pacific Nursing and Midwifery Award

Winner: Unaisi Wainivetau

Finalists: Delvene Steven, Meleseini Kaufusi

Values Award

Winner: Maryanne Offner

Finalists: Claire Koshy, Sophie Atkinson

Nursing and Midwifery Excellence Award

Winner: Cathy Gasparini

Finalists: Rebekah Watson, Samantha Cotton

Our Patient’s Local Hero Award

Winner: Demelza Stevens

Finalists: Janice Capstick, Virginia (Ginny) Pringle

Chief Nursing Officer Award

Winner: Terri-Anne Davis

Finalists: Sacha Cowell, Unaisi Wainivetau

Nursing and Midwifery Award winners and finalists for 2017

The winners of the individual Nursing and Midwifery Awards for 2017 were presented at the Awards evening. Congratulations to all our winners and finalists!

Auckland DHB Chief Nursing Officer’s Award

Winner: Elaine Sheirtcliff

Finalists: Angela Minto, Cullum Millar

Adult Community and Long Term Conditions Directorate Award

Winner: Suzanne Werder

Finalists: Ann Giles​, Mata Brown

Adult Medical Directorate Award

Winner: Kamlesh Nand

Finalists: Poonam Kumari, Soloshini Harirajh

Cancer and  Blood Directorate Award​

Winner: Valerie Honeyman

Finalists: Leanne Wilson, Simone McMillan

Cardiovascular Services (D C McMinn) Award​

Winner: Nik Adams

Finalists: Bernie Lightbourne, Elaine Sheirtcliff

Child Health Directorate & Starship Foundation Excellence in Clinical Practice

Winner: Diane Fuller

Finalists: Julie Scott, ​Lydia Markham

Clinical Support Award​

Winner: Sherry Sinclair

Finalist: Charlene Bayley

Mental Health and Addictions Directorate Award​

Winner: Cullum Millar

Finalists: Danny Shiferaw, Matthew Wrightson

Perioperative Nurses's Choice Award – OR

Winner: Elizabeth Kanivatoa

Finalists: Carol Andrew, Jude Fetalino

Perioperative Nurses's Choice Award  – PACU

Winner: Gemma Parker

Finalists: Anna Bostock, Melissa Pilapil

Surgical Directorate Award

Winner: Debbie Perry

Finalists: Megan Connolly, Megan Goudie

Women's Health Nursing and Midwifery Award

Winner: Annette Gage

Finalist: Shenaaz Desai

Aged Residential Home Nursing Award

Winner: Cyrene Jabay

Finalists:​ Abraham Nolasco, Flora Liu

Primary Health Care Nursing Award

Winner: Jayme Kitiona 

Finalists: Cherry Chen, Mele Taufa  

Rotary Alistair McFarlane Memorial Award

Winner: Darlene DeGouzman

Finalist: Paula Albanez

Rotary Anne Craig Medal

Winner: Lucy McKeage

Finalists: Susannah Matthews, Teresa Campbell

Univeristy of Auckland School of Nursing Trophy for Clinical and Academic Leadership

Winner: Jackie Robinson

Finalist: Abel Smith

Cecile Thompson Award in Gerontology

Winner: Soby Mathai

Kim Williams Scholarship for General Medicine

Winner: Michelle Griffen

Finalist:​ MinKyung (MK) Byun

Judith Philipson Excellence in Bedside Delivery Award

Winner: Kristen Pynenburg

Finalists: ​Sarah Maggs, Sue McKnight

T W Bollard Child Health Excellence in Clinical Practice Award

Winner: Caroline Radich     

J M Neil Prize in Otorhinolaryngology

Winner: Kath Honeybone

Finalists: Lyn Russell, Vanessa Anderson

D C Hounsell Prize in Neuroservices

Winner: Lorraine MacDonald

Finalists: Claire Wu, In Kyoung Jeong

W A Fairclough Award in Ophthalmology

Winner: David Garland

Finalists: Arlene Laurenciana, Dena D'Souza

Rotary ​Trophy of Tradition

Winner: Susan Atherton

Finalists: Eileen Gilder, Sandra Almeida

Pat Butcher Lifetime Learning Award

Winner: Heather Spinetto

Finalists: Ann Doran, Jackie Robinson