Local hero gallery

You can click below to read the full nomination for each local hero or use the filters on the right hand side of the page to search for by a local hero by the year and month of their nomination. You can view local heroes prior to August 2017 here. To nominate a new local hero, please click here.

Our local heroes are sponsored by A+ Trust. (external link)  

Marina Stander, Nurse, Medical Oncology
January 2018

Marina is always friendly, and has a smile, a warm greeting and reassurance for patients who are often nervous as they navigate their cancer journey.

Kay Mudgway
Kay Mudgway, Ward Clerk
October 2017

"Kay has been our exceptional and most dedicated ward clerk. She has a gentle, kind manner...she helps everyone."

Renee Rangi
Renee Rangi, HR Coordinator
September 2017

"Renee is one of those people who enables others so that together we’re achieving much more than we would as individuals."