Satisfactory resolution of matters between Ministry of Health, Auckland DHB and Dr Judy Gill

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In June 2015 Auckland GP Dr Judith Gill was charged by the Ministry of Health with 165 fraud offences relating to alleged overpayments to Dr Gill of $420,000, of which Dr Gill received $345,845.95 in public health funding for her patients from October 2003 to December 2011.

Shortly after the criminal charges were filed, the Auckland District Health Board also commenced High Court civil proceedings against Dr Gill to recover the public health funds allegedly overpaid.

Dr Gill accepted that overpayments had been made mistakenly, however maintained that they were received in good faith. She pleaded not guilty to the charges, but agreed to refund the Auckland District Health Board for the overpayments and costs associated with recovering the same. This month Dr Gill has made a substantial repayment to the Auckland District Health Board.

The fraud charges against Dr Gill have been withdrawn by the Crown on the basis that the restorative justice process undertaken (including rectification of the loss to the public through proper civil processes) means the public interest does not demand a prosecution.

Of her own choice, Dr Gill has retired from medicine and is no longer practising.

The Ministry, Auckland District Health Board and Dr Gill are pleased that the matters in issue between them have now been satisfactorily resolved.


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