New compensation for live organ donors

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From 5 December 2017, the Ministry of Health will provide live organ donors with compensation to cover earnings lost because of donating a kidney or part of a liver. This is known as Compensation for Live Organ Donors Act (the ‘Act’) and will cover lost earnings from the date of donation surgery for up to 12 weeks of recovery. It replaces the financial assistance that has been provided to donors by the Ministry of Social Development.

People who donated a live organ between 12 September 2016 and 5 December 2017, or received financial assistance from the Ministry of Social Development, can now apply for a lump sum payment of the difference they would have got under the new Act.  Applications for the backdated lump sum payment need to be made by 3 April 2018.

People receiving Live Organ Donor Assistance from the Ministry of Social Development on 5 December 2017 can choose whether to receive the additional Ministry of Health payment at the same time as their regular payments, or as a back payment. Applications for backdated payment must be made to the Ministry of Health between 5 December 2017 and 3 April 2018.

All information and forms relating to this new compensation will be available on the Ministry of Health’s website (external link) from 4 December 2017. If you would like information earlier please contact the Ministry of Health on 0800 855 066, Healthline on LIVE DONOR (0800 5483 3666), or talk to your donor liaison coordinator.

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