Helicopter delivering pipes at Auckland City Hospital today

Helicopter crop

If you are visiting or working at Auckland City Hospital this Saturday morning (18 March) you might see a helicopter hovering above the hospital.

We’ve got some new pipework which is being delivered to the roof of our hospital to avoid disruptions for people traveling to and passing by our hospitals.

On Saturday between 6am and 11am a helicopter will move 100m of heating hot water (HHW) pipework from a truck parked on site up onto the roof of the hospital next to the level 10 plant room as part of a scheduled upgrade of our hot water system.

There will be no road closures or disruption to services in and around Auckland City Hospital during the air lift onto the roof of the hospital.

The decision to use a helicopter instead of a crane was to ensure minimal disruption in terms of road closures to the area around the Grafton site. 

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